Manufacturing Hang-A-Plan Vertical Plan Filing Systems For Over 40 Years.

Hang-A-Plan is a leading brand of Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd.   Arnos has a long history of manufacturing and distributing Plan filing Products. Arnos was a very early innovator, first manufacturing plan filing / storage products over 50 years ago in early 1960.

The very first Hang-A-Plan branded products were designed and manufactured in Australia in 1970 and the first overseas patents were applied for in Japan the same year. Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd. was the early innovator of the vertically suspended systems for plan filing, which still remains as one of the most popular systems still in use today. However the design and features of the Hang-A-Plan products have been constantly improved over the years. New international innovation and design patents are constantly being applied for and granted.

Manufactured initially for the Australian and New Zealand market, the first exports were to Japan. Since then Hang-A-Plan has been exported to UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, PNG, New Caledonia, Fiji, Canada & the USA

Export sales have continued to grow rapidly. Hang-A-Plan sales were the major determining factor that helped win the 1989 Governor of Victoria Export Award for outstanding achievements in the field of export.

Hang-A-Plan Filing Systems are used in major construction projects. Hang-A-Plan products were selected and used in project such as Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, and Euro Disneyland outside Paris, France.
Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd. Company Overview


About Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd.

Arnos Australia Pty. Ltd. is a family owned manufacturing, distribution and export company based in Melbourne, Australia, established in 1943. Arnos innovates, designs, patents and manufactures quality office products with a focus on filing and organising products. Arnos holds many patents and has market-leading products for plan filing systems, display panel systems, file fasteners and desk organizers.

Arnos is a national distributor in Australia, distributing to over 500 trade customers and 15 wholesalers. Exporting has always been a key to the company’s success. Arnos exports products to the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, New Zealand and United States. The company has exported to 44 counties and has won two national export awards.

Arnos Vision Statement

To be an innovator in the development and manufacture of high quality products used for filing and organising. To seek new export markets and increase the distribution of innovative patented Australian designed products.

Awards and Recognition

Commonwealth of Australia Export Award 1978
Governor of Victoria Export Award 1989
Melbourne Business Award 2001
Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame Award 2001

Arnos also manufactures and distributes many other popular office products used for organising the office.

Arnos Leading Brands

· Hang-A-Plan
· Roll-A-Plan
· Flippa Display Systems
· Swinga Display Systems
· No.3 File Fastener
· No.2 File Fastener
· Tubefast File Fasteners
· LP Tubefast
· LP Tubebind Paper Binder
· Polyprong File Fastener
· Polypost Paper Binder
· Versa-Tidy Organisers
· Eco-Tidy Desk Accessories
· Rack of Steel Organiser
· Cardex


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