How many sheets of paper will a Hang-A-Plan Binder hold?

A single Hang-A-Plan Binder will hold 1 sheet up to 150 sheets of paper. Hang-A-Plan Binders have a very strong 3-part clamp design to ensure even continuous grip along the entire length of the clamping mechanism.  An A1 Binder can comfortably hold 150 sheets (standard 80gsm paper) The Binder clamp jaw will open to 25mm.  The Binder Wing nuts / Quick Release Levers only need to be finger tight to hold even 150 sheets.


Please explain the main differences between the Quickfile Plan Binder and the General Plan Binder models

If you find that you add and remove sheets from the binders quite often, the Quickfile binder is your best Plan Binder option.  The Quickfile Binder features Quick Release Levers and a clamp extension sheet guide.  Instead of Standard Wing Nuts, the Quickfile Binder uses Quick Release Levers to instantly open and close the clamp with a click of the lever. The Clamp opening can also still be fine tuned by twisting the lever link a wing nut. The Clamp extension glide allows you to simply place a bunch of sheets on the extension which will easily guide them into the jaw of the clamp.

General Binders are an economical Binder option, best suited for people that use the Hang-A-Plan system as more of a static storage system, without the need to add and remove plan often.  The General Binder uses the same strong 3-part aluminum clamp as the Quickfile binder, but without the Extension Sheet Guide.  It features the same easy open spring loaded anti-jam clamp design and uses wing nuts instead of the Quickfile Binder Quick Release Levers.


Will a Plan Binder hold multiple sheets sizes?

Hang-A-Plan binders use a continues aluminum clamp that will apply the same grip along the entire length of the clamps.  A large A0 clamp can easily hold an A0 size sheet or an A4 sheet.  Many customers use A0 Size binders because they offer the best versatility in terms of holding all sheet sizes.


Will Hang-A-Plan Binders work with other Plan Filing Trolleys?

Hang-A-Plan Binders are best used with Hang-A-Plan trolleys, although some other brands also use the Universal Front Load Racking system and design their trolleys to fit Hang-A-Plan Binders.  Hang-A-Plan General Binders offer the best compatibility with other Trolleys.


Will other Branded Clamps / Plan Binders work with Hang-A-Plan Trolleys?

It is best to use Hang-A-Plan Quickfile Binders or General Binders with Genuine Hang-A-Plan trolleys.  Some other brands design their binders to be compatible with the Hang-A-Plan Front Load Racking System.


How many Hang-A-Plan Binders will the Hang-A-Plan Trolleys hold

Hang-A-Plan makes three trolley sizes, the A0 General Trolley will hold 20 binders, the A1 General Trolley will hold 20 binders and the A2 General Trolley will hold 15 binders.


Can I use A0 sized Plan Binders on the A1 or A2 size General Trolley?

No, you must use an A0 Size General Trolley with A0 size Plan Binders. An A0 Size General Trolley will hold A1 and A2 size Plan Binders.


Can I use A1 or A2 sized Plan Binders on the A0 size General Trolley?

Yes, the A0 size General Trolley will hold A0, A1, A2 Binders and the Portfolio. An A1 size General Trolley cannot hold A0 binders.


How are Hang-A-Plan products sized?  What does A0, A1, A2, A3 size reference?

Hang-A-Plan products describe the size of a Plan Trolley or Binder by the maximum Paper Sheet Size that can hold.  The International paper size standard is used to describe the maximum sheet size the Plan Binder or Trolley Can hold.  Hang-A-Plan Binders are also designed to suite standard imperial sizes 36”, 24”and 18”.

ISO paper sizes (plus rounded inch values)

Paper Sheet Size Imperial sizing Dimension
mm × mm
in × in
A0 36″ 841 × 1189 33.11 × 46.81
A1 24″ 594 x 841 23.39 × 33.11
A2 18″ 420 × 594 16.54 × 23.39
A3 297 × 420 11.69 × 16.54
A4 210 × 297 8.27 × 11.69


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