Hang-A-Plan Wall Racks occupy no valuable floor space and can be secured at any height to hold sheets of any length.  Wall Racks are also the most economical option for storing / hanging Binders.   New low cost two binder wall rack is a small unobtrusive rack that can be mounted in many locations to store or display one or two Binders / 300 sheets.


Wall Rack Size Options

Item Description Capacity Use Binder Sizes Trolley Dimensions
D065 Wall Rack D065 10 Binder A0+B1+A1+A2+A3 WxDxH:   140x300x100mm
D064 Wall Rack D064 5 Binder A0+B1+A1+A2+A3 WxDxH:   145x175x85mm
D063 Wall Rack D063 2 Binder A0+B1+A1+A2+A3 WxDxH:   145x50x60mm




  • Clear unobstructed access to all stored Binders / plans
  • Space saving and height adjustable to accommodate all sheet sizes and Binders
  • Uses the same Universal Racking System as the trolleys, binders can be interchanged
  • For use with Hang-A-Plan Quickfile Binders, General Binders and A3 Portfolio
  • All Binder sizes can be stored on one rack
  • Double rack system allows binders to be added to left or right side of rack
  • Supplied with screws for mounting


Benefits of the Universal Front Load Racking System

  • All Trolleys and Wall Racks use the Universal Front Load Racking system for inter-compatibility
  • All Binders sizes can interchange between all Trolleys and Wall Racks, Trolley needs to be equal or greater in size than the Binder. For example, an A0 trolley can hold A0, A1, A2 Binders and Portfolio. An A1 trolley cannot hold A0 binders.
  • Quick and easy to add or remove Binders, simply tilt the binder and pull away through the rack without any obstruction from the trolley frames or other binders stored on trolley
  • No extra strain from lifting or pulling a Binder over or under the racking system


Hang-A-Plan – Large Document Filing and Storage Solutions

  • Ideal for the storage and management of architectural plans, blueprints, engineering and construction drawings, charts, maps, graphics, posters, artwork and all other oversized sheets and materials
  • Keep sheets in original condition with no rolling, folding or adding strips or holes. Simply insert sheets into a Binder and store on a Trolley or Wall Rack
  • Hang-A-Plan products store sheets vertically and is recognised as one of the most efficient and easy to use systems for storing, filing and organising large oversizes sheets / plans.
  • Save over 80% on floor space and will save valuable time by cutting filing and retrieval times by up to 75%.
  • Very economical, Hang-A-Plan systems provide a lower cost per sheet filing than any other form of large format sheet filing


How Hang-A-Plan Systems Work

Loose sheets are grouped together and securely clamped within a Hang-A-Plan binder for storage on a space saving Trolley or Wall Rack. Each Binder will hold 1 -150 sheets of varying sizes within the full length aluminium clamp. Trolleys and Wall Racks provide clear and easy access to all the stored sheets. It is easy find an indexed binder, flip through the sheets and transport groups of sheets held within the binders.