General Binders offer users a simple and strong economical Binder with a high quality 3-part aluminium clamp, easy open spring loaded anti-jam design, comfortable centred carry handle and wing nuts.

The Binder will keep sheets in original condition with no rolling, folding or adding strips or holes. Group up to 150 sheets together and secure within the Binder clamp to keep them well organised, quick to access and easy transport.


General Binder Size Options

Item Description Size / length Clamp Opening Capacity
D102A A0 General Binder A0 / 915mm 25mm 100 sheet / 9kg
D100A A1 General Binder A1 / 610mm 25mm 150 sheet / 7kg
D099A A2 General Binder A2 / 475mm 25mm 150 sheet / 5kg
D110 Index Holder
Drop Mount Ends
 Pack of 10  Accessory  n/a


Binder Features:
· Strong 3-part aluminium clamp construction
· Easy open spring loaded anti-jam clamp design
· Wing nuts used to open and close clamp
· Centred carry handle for balanced lifting, less strain
· Store up to 150 x A1 sheets / 100 x A0 Sheets in each Binder (25mm clamp opening)Continuous clamp Continuous clamp allows the binder to hold all sizes of sheets up to the specified clamp size
· Made from premium grade aluminium with silver anodized finish
· Centred carry handle for balanced lifting, less user strain
· Three size options, A0, A1, A2
· Use with Hang-A-Plan Trolleys and Wall Racks
· Optional Drop Mount End Cap / Index Holder to use binder on old drop mount trolleys & wall racks
· Self-adhesive index labels supplied
· 10 Year Guarantee on all Binders

Hang-A-Plan – Large Document Filing and Storage Solutions
· Ideal for the storage and management of architectural plans, blueprints, engineering and construction drawings, charts, maps, graphics, posters, artwork and all other oversized sheets and materials
· Keep sheets in original condition with no rolling, folding or adding strips or holes. Simply insert sheets into a Binder and store on a Trolley or Wall Rack
· Hang-A-Plan products store sheets vertically and is recognised as one of the most efficient and easy to use systems for storing, filing and organising large oversizes sheets / plans.
· Save over 80% on floor space and will save valuable time by cutting filing and retrieval times by up to 75%.
· Very economical, Hang-A-Plan systems provide a lower cost per sheet filing than any other form of large format sheet filing


How Hang-A-Plan Systems Work
Loose sheets are grouped together and securely clamped within a Hang-A-Plan binder for storage on a space saving Trolley or Wall Rack. Each Binder will hold 1 -150 sheets of varying sizes within the full length aluminium clamp. Trolleys and Wall Racks provide clear and easy access to all the stored sheets. It is easy find an indexed binder, flip through the sheets and transport groups of sheets held within the binders.